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"Sweat stains are a thing of the past. Even in a grey shirt."

LABFRESH moisture-wicking technology makes sweat absorption a notch more efficient."

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"This SELF-CLEANING SHIRT repels stains and bad odours"



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Our t-shirts and polos are stain repellent. This means that they repel all water-based liquids and semi-liquids. Even serious spills like red wine or beetroot juice can easily be rinsed off with water. We also added a antibacterial finish to the fabric which ​kills the odour-causing bacteria in your sweat, and no bacteria means no smell!

"Since I bought Labfresh Shirts, T-Shirts and Polos I can cycle to work and back without feeling that people next to me in a meeting will drop dead! Such a relieve to know that sweating is no longer a big issue."

Bob Reuter, september 17th

"Just given my shirts a real test, travelling through Java & Bali in 30 degree temperatures in the monsoon season. Amazing shirts, shame the owner still melted in the heat. And the shirts haven't needed a wash yet."

Simon, december 18th


The inside of the t-shirt absorbs and wicks away moisture while the outside stays dry, making visible sweat stains a thing of the past. The natural cotton fabric is also breathable and fast-drying.

"No visible sweat stains anymore.
On very hot days it does his work.
There is no better!"

Koen Geers, September 17

"Every new version of t-shirts is better then previous one. Stretchy, very very soft and natural, breathable, no sweat stains. Great packaging and delivery.

Alexander, December 18


LABFRESH menswear is made in Europe from natural cotton. The FreshCore™ technology is invisible and doesn't affect the handfeel of the cotton, keeping its natural softness and breathability.

"Great quality, also after a couple of washes.Great fit and on top of that labfresh has a great delivery time"

Thijs, December 29

"Labfresh polo’s and T-shirts are really great, just like their service on shipping these fantastic products. Looking forward to more great stuff from this fresh company."

Denny van Wee, November 28


The items in the LABFRESH collection are treated with FreshCore™ technology around the yarn, without creating a coating which makes the fabric repellent but still keeps the natural feeling and breathability of pure cotton. This invisible technology allows LABFRESH products to help fight perspiration, avoid unpleasant odours, and repel water based liquids such as wine or coffee.

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Meet the founders: Lotte Vink from the Netherlands and Kasper Petersen from Denmark. By combining dutch functionality and danish design, they created LABFRESH, a collection of timeless essentials that stand the test of life. 

With LABFRESH we hope to change consumption patterns. Buy less, wash less and wear longer is our way to reduce waste. By applying the latest innovations to textiles, we create clothes that look good, last longer and keep up with your lifestyle.

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