A long time ago (ok, 2017) in a galaxy far, far away (aka Amsterdam)… an ambitious Dutch-Danish couple got philosophical.

“What if we never had to do laundry again?”

Humanity has been making shirts the same way since the 1950s when non-iron treatments were created. There must be a more innovative way. Fueled by this existential question (and approximately 27 bottles of wine), we founded LABFRESH. 

Our first crowdfunding campaign made us the most backed fashion project in Dutch history.

We've sold shirts & t-shirts in 98 countries!

We received research grants from MIT and WBSO to further develop our FreshCore™ technology.

We successfully pitched for 1.5m viewers in Dutch tv-program Dragons' Den.

We opened our first flagship store in the heart of Amsterdam.

We opened our second flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen.

Our mission is simple

To make life-proof clothing that stays clean and fresh for many days. Because the only way to clean up the fashion industry is to buy less clothes, wash it less, and keep it forever.

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Our first invention was the stain, odour and wrinkle free shirt.

Since then we have been launching 1-2 new product categories per year. It takes 1-2 years to develop a new fabric and we are never in a hurry - because quality always comes first.

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We are radically community-driven

So far all new products we launch have been financed via crowdfunding pre-orders. We developed the fits based on 12,000 customer measurements. And we even borrowed €400,000 from 232 customers to open our flagship store. Nothing makes us more happy than your feedback and help.

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These days, 100,000 LABFRESH customers in 98 countries are staying fresh while living their biggest, baddest lives.