Washing something after just one wear is so 20th century. Our mission is to elevate everyday clothing and make it life-proof. That's why we develop our own textiles in a Swiss lab.

Our research is financed by MIT and WBSO and has been tested for use in space

How we apply the technology

Our FreshCore™ technology is applied around the yarn, without creating a coating. We apply the tech on the yarn, while preserving its natural feeling and breathability.

LABFRESH products are engineered to look and feel as great as a "traditional" untreated garment.

We thoroughly test it

We check the quality and performance several times during the manufacturing process. The stain repellency, anti-bacterial properties and wrinkle resistance are all tested along with the quality of the fabric. 

What we pinky promise

We are confident you'll love our products. So much so that we are happy to offer a 1 year performance guarantee. If a product doesn't meet our standards, we gladly compensate you. 

Performance guarantee

What it does for the planet

A whole lot! ⅔ of your clothes’ carbon footprint occurs in the use phase. With our products you significantly reduce waste, and the amount of water and energy you use. How much you wonder?

This much

Certifications & regulations

We made a conscious decision to produce the technology within the EU (except for socks). That means we live up to the harshest regulations for use of chemicals in textiles in the world. Our fabrics and yarns are also STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and BlueSign™ certified. We can obtain these certifications because we choose our suppliers, treatments and fabrics carefully. We don't use nano-coatings or treat the surfaces of the fabric - we only treat the yarn.