At LABFRESH we like to do things differently.

Our tech-savvy minds enjoy combining futuristic technology and menswear, but you - our customer - and our service are just as important. In our quest of fighting overconsumption, we focus on longevity and allowing you to live a conscious, sustainable life. We’re not fond of temporary trends, but make simple wardrobe staples that last a long time. Impeccable service starts with expectations. So we’re pretty open about it. Here’s what you can expect.

Washing & Ironing

Do you hate laundry and ironing? So do we. Washing is the main reason clothing wears out. That’s why we do it as little as possible. LABFRESH garments - on average - are worn 3.6 days before they’re washed. To add to the convenience, we have two levels of wrinkle resistant performance within our collection. Here’s an overview of what does what, and why.

Our non-iron items don’t need ironing at all. The Easy Care products have a "Durable Press rating" between 3.0 and 3.5, which is the commonly accepted definition of "wrinkle-free" fabrics. We recommend ironing between washes.

Odour repellency

Sweat smells are caused by bacteria in your sweat. Our entire collection is antibacterial. When sweat is absorbed, the technology kills the bacteria. Everyone has different levels of perspiration, so we can’t guarantee a specific amount of days you can wear our garments. The average from our customer surveys (the most recent one dates December 2021, conducted with 1000+ respondents) tells us that on average, our customers wear our products for 3.6 days before washing. Disclaimer: the tech does not repel odour from e.g. smoke or cooking.

Sweat stains

You want to look fresh and confident. Visible sweat stains don’t help. But we do. Our technology makes sweat stains less visible. We do it in two different ways: 

Disclaimer: Comfort is key, therefore none of our products are 100% hydrophobic. They block moderate amounts of sweat. 100% hydrophobic fabrics would feel like wearing a raincoat, rather than a comfortable top. We promise that our garments block perspiration better than a non-technical garment, and allows your sweat to dry faster. White fabrics are more transparent, hence less good at hiding sweat stains. Is hiding them your main goal? Go for a different colour.

Stain repellency

We’ve already established that washing is barely needed when you upgrade your wardrobe to LABFRESH, but there’s more: our products also repel stains. Our technology is fun, but not easy - we keep developing it. We offer two levels of stain repellency:


Washing at a certain point is accepted. When you go for it, keep in mind that we commit to a maximum shrinkage level of 2-3% for our products. These are industry standards for knitted and woven cotton garments.

The elastic properties of our knitted items shorten in the wash. They can be easily elongated again by gently pulling and/or ironing the item back into shape.

Lifespan technology

Everything we do revolves around longevity. Inevitably the technology will gradually become less effective with each wash, but it will remain at better performance than any ‘normal’ garment. Since you wash our garments significantly less often (remember when we told you the average days of wearing before washing is a whopping 3.6 days?) - you will benefit from the technology for a very long time.

Wash & Care instructions

Treat your apparel well: no tumble drying, no fabric softener, low RPM’s, wash on low temperatures, and we solemnly swear you will enjoy your lifeproof apparel for a long-long time. Read detailed instructions here.

Questions or concerns?
Are you in any way unhappy with our product? Please tell us via email at hello@labfresh.eu or our live chat. We’ll do everything in our power to make you happy again. Promise.